Playout 4C1

4 multicamera output HD-SDI; part of the WMT Multicam products

The WMT playout portfolio make it possible to receive live video from any WMT system using broadband internet networks  The WMT outputs consist of 19 inch 1U or 2U high systems with two Ethernet connections providing next to video input also video output or video return. The WMT decoders connect to the internet with just a single Ethernet connection. When the correct ports are forwarded in the firewall the signals of a WMT will come in and turned into a video signal. This video signal will exit the WMT decoders through a SDI video connection with embedded audio.

The systems supports both DHCP and ­fixed IP number confi­guration via the front LCD panel. The management interface is WEB based and makes it possible to confi­gure maximum bitrate, video resolution and delay. Also the IP con­figuration can be done via the web interface. This package includes a service providing access to the LinkMatrix, where you can control, manage and administer the terminal and connections to other WMT terminals.

For the WMT Multicam productfleet we offers this special developed decoder, the 4C1. This decoder is similar to the WMT4C, our 4 camera transmitter, a 2U rack unit  It has 4 audio inputs and outputs for intercom to overcome separate de-embedding. The 4C1 has 4 times HD-SDI outputs with embedded 8 audio channels of which 4-8 is the return audio from the intercom. For more information on our Multicam productfleet click here



  • IFB input (for audio return to the WMT™) switchable
  • Microphone or line input
  • Ref input
  • IFB or return audio at less than a second delay
  • Ethernet for connection to the internet



  • Max 4 SD-/HD-SDI output with embedded audio
  • Analog composite video*S-video*
  • 4 channel (4 times stereo) balanced analog audio out**


  • Ethernet 10/100/1000 base-t
  • IFB input selectable microphone or line level
  • Ref Video


  • Dedicated appliance 90-240 volt
  • Weighs approximately 2,1 kilograms
  • 1U 19”rackmount
  • Power consumption average 80 watt
  • Redundant power supply on request

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