Dec 12th, 2016 — Michel Bais

Let's take a look back on 2016 and what will 2017 bring us?

Let's take a look back on 2016 and what will 2017 bring us?

Dear reader, 2016 was an interesting year for all of us having a new president in the US, Olympics in Brazil and the refuge crisis within the European union. Major events covered by WMT’s around the world. 2016 was also the year Mobile Viewpoint extended its market presence in the Middle East and Asia, and Latin America. We closed partnerships with major resellers in China, India, Brazil, Argentina and several other countries in Latin America.


Mobile Viewpoint in 2016

We introduced the Link platform and dedicated devices for live streaming market. The Link platform enables content producers to produce and publish live video feeds on al Social Media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Periscope and other CDN’s with a push on a button at the same time. We added new interesting features to our live streaming app, delivering an improved user experience and the availability of white labeled apps for several broadcasters. The most  important highlight this year was the release of the first ruggedized H.265 backpack encoder, the Live Link. The Live Link 265 is our low weight HEVC encoder which fits on the back of an ENG camera and provides excellent quality at low bitrates.



In 2017 we will try to do even better introducing our 4 camera WMT at the handball championships in Paris February 2017. Besides of this new product, the WMT Multicam C4, 2017 will bring other new challenges and innovative new Mobile Viewpoint product releases. But this is only possible working closely together with our customers broadcasting their message to any audience, web or screen, where ever they are.

We are looking forward in working with you again in 2017!



Best wishes,


Michel Bais
Managing Director Mobile Viewpoint