Dec 16th, 2019 — Michel Bais

How AI will bring lower league and grass roots sports to the realm of the masses

How AI will bring lower league and grass roots sports to the realm of the masses

How AI will bring lower league and grass roots sports to the realm of the masses


Traditionally it was difficult to follow your local sports team unless they were in the higher leagues and had the necessary media coverage.


How can this be possible? But with the advent of AI coupled with IP media workflows, what was previously unaffordable has become a low-cost reality – and that could include the live coverage of your favorite local team.



It is possible due to the convergence of two technologies that can utilized together and have recently come of age. Namely Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the use of IP Production Platforms. AI can be employed to take the place of expensive production crew and post-production resource. And the use of IP media platforms not only allows the enablement of AI but includes the ease of and playout of live sports to social media or other low-cost OTT platforms that have now become ubiquitous in our everyday life for consuming media.




The result is that sports productions can now be achieved at a much lower cost thus opening-up new localized sports clubs and lower leagues to stream and make available live content that was historically only the domain of higher league and richer clubs. The benefits for the local team results in higher fan engagement and greater awareness for both their club and league. This can lead to monetization of games that was previously impossible either through better sponsorship deals or via an affordable subscription model to watch live games or highlights.




With the utilization of remote production methodology, a cloud service can be used to ingest multiple 4K camera feeds that are semi-permanently installed overlooking the field of play. These “smart cameras” do not require any camera personnel to operate, in effect “cameraman-less”, and all that is required is someone to push the “go live” button. Algorithms are utilized in the production process and even highlights, and post-game video analytics could be made available through an automated service.  No production crews are needed!




Newspapers, who have long been utilizing IP media platforms to distribute content, are now entering the live streaming arena by covering news events though the use of wireless IP bonding systems. As part of a remote production workflow and in combination with an AI production platform, these media publication companies can economically extend their local news coverage online to bring enhanced local reporting by covering matches of local sports games.




AI is no longer a marketing buzzword or a high-end system that is only integrated within enterprise systems. Mobile Viewpoint are now offering an off-the-shelf solution that is easy to install and offers automated live streaming from the smallest club to the largest broadcaster at a compelling price point.




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Michel Bais, CEO