Mobile Viewpoint introduces data roaming services across Europe

Apr 9th, 2015 Mobile Viewpoint introduces data roaming services across Europe

Mobile Viewpoint announces a Sim card Roaming service which will support their users go live anywhere in Europe. Since Mobile Viewpoint encoders use bonded 3G and 4G connections, SIM-cards from different national telecom-operators are needed. This is a challenge for journalists traveling between countries but is now solved by Mobile Viewpoint offering data packages for Europe including Russia and Ukraine.

Mobile Viewpoint CEO Michel Bais:

“We started talks with a mobile telecom operator to see if we could offer our customers a better service by providing them with a set of SIM cards which work not only on all networks within a single country, but also in all European countries. And we’re very proud we can offer this service now to our clients. Shortly after NAB we will start offering SIM-cards and data packages. These will work in all European countries, including Russia and Ukraine. In most countries they can connect to up to 3 different networks, offering even more redundancy.”


This new service allows Mobile Viewpoint to take another significant step in offering high quality mobile live video transmissions. By bonding up to 10 IP connections, Mobile Viewpoint encoders already offered reliability and redundancy. By offering roaming mobile data, clients can now cross borders just as easy without changing SIM cards Data packs will be priced competitively compared to KA-sat services, and will be cheaper than roaming data from local providers.

On Mobile Viewpoint

Mobile Viewpoint is a global player, focusing on the development and implementation of solutions for both the security and broadcast industries. Based on their H.264 and H.265 codec implementations, combined with patented technology, allowing for HD video to be transmitted over bonded IP connections, Mobile Viewpoint has developed the most versatile product portfolio. Products range from smartphone apps (iPhone & Android), backpack encoders and rack-mount solutions all working together on the unified WMT Video Manager and Content Exchange platforms.


Customers include major broadcasters, such as BBC, Al-Arabiya, Sky Sports, NBC Sports, and over 120 other global customers.

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