IBC 2018: Mobile Viewpoint launches BaseLink and TerraLink Mini to support live video streaming

Sep 11th, 2018 IBC 2018: Mobile Viewpoint launches BaseLink and TerraLink Mini to support live video streaming

IBC 2018: Mobile Viewpoint launches BaseLink and TerraLink Mini to support live video streaming


Two new hardware products meets smaller broadcasters and content owners’ demands for live streaming


Alkmaar, The Netherlands—11 September 2018 – Mobile Viewpoint, a leader in IP contribution solutions, today announces that it will launch two new encoder products at this year’s IBC Show: BaseLink and the TerraLink Mini. Both encoders support smaller broadcasters and content owners in the cost efficient delivery of live video streaming. The two new products will be demonstrated on Mobile Viewpoint’s stand (14.F24) throughout IBC 2018, from 13-18 September.


Today, consumers want more than just on-demand content from the likes of Netflix—they want to be able to stream live content online from platforms such as Facebook Watch and YouTube. But smaller broadcasters and content owners don’t always have the means to produce and stream their own, unique, content. These two new solutions from Mobile Viewpoint allow any content owner to become an online streaming platform.


BaseLink is Mobile Viewpoint’s latest uplink solution, enabling broadcasters and content owners to transmit live video from any location, and stream this content on YouTube, or other streaming platforms. The combination of adaptive video encoding technology, along with bonding of multiple mobile networks, guarantees video will be live streamed, whether that’s over a fixed, Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connection.


Housed in aluminium, BaseLink is made up of four modems, and bundles up to nine mobile network channels and one fixed IP connection to provide sufficient upstream bandwidth for HD video. There is also the option to add Wi-Fi and ethernet connections to maximise bandwidth and ensure high quality video is streamed. BaseLink’s upstream bandwidth ranges between 125Kbps and 9 Mbps.


Mobile Viewpoint is also launching a mini version of its TerraLink encoder at IBC. Small enough to fit into your pocket, the TerraLink Mini is a H.265/HEVC encoder that allows broadcasters and content owners to go live from any location. Its USB port allows broadcasters to implement modems that can support cellular connections, enabling content owners to encode and stream live video, in the best quality possible, while on the go.


Both BaseLink and the TerraLink Mini support smaller broadcasters and content owners who want to broadcast live video, but do not want to invest in costly large-scale solutions. The two new portable products from Mobile Viewpoint ensure these smaller players can meet today’s demands for live online video.


“Mobile Viewpoint has launched these new products to meet consumer demand for live, online video. Smaller broadcasters and content owners want to be able to keep up with consumer demand for live video, but aren’t always able to invest in the costly equipment needed. BaseLink and TerraLink Mini provide a baseline for these smaller players—giving them the basics to be able to stream live video on the go. The portable solutions are also ideal for larger broadcasters who don’t always want to carry heavy equipment. Using both fixed and mobile connections, our latest solutions ensure the best quality video is streamed.”


Both BaseLink and the TerraLink Mini are compatible with Mobile Viewpoint’s portfolio of production and delivery solutions. For example, both BaseLink and the TerraLink Mini work with IQ Sports Producer, Mobile Viewpoint’s all-in-one production suite, to produce and stream sports events from any location. While IQ Sports Producer’s 24MP 180 degree camera can record an entire field of play, the TerraLink Mini can encode the stream, and BaseLink can upload this to the required streaming platform. Both solutions are also compatible with LinkMatrix, Mobile Viewpoint’s web-based video management portal.


BaseLink and the TerraLink Mini will be launched at IBC 2018, and will be showcased throughout the show. Both products will be commercially available from October 2018.




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Mobile Viewpoint is a global player, focusing on the development and implementation of IP transmission solutions for both the broadcast and security industries. Its H.264 and now H.265 HEVC codec implementations, combined with patented technology, allow for HD video to be transmitted over bonded IP connections. Mobile Viewpoint also has a range of artificial intelligence-driven production and storage solutions, supporting broadcasters and content owners in the end-to-end delivery of video content. Customers include major broadcasters, such as BBC News, Al-Arabiya, Sky Sports News, NBC Sports.


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