IQ Sports Producer

Intelligent, low-cost live multicamera sports production and streaming solution

The IQ Sports Producer is an all-in-one multicamera production suite operated by just one person. Its simple and intuitive interface allows anyone to produce and stream a game anywhere.


The IQ Sports Producer makes live and on-demand web broadcasting available without the hassle of hiring an entire camera crew. The system provides an automated video broadcast production with up to 3 180-degree cameras, which makes it possible to upgrade from a single camera to a multicamera production. The superb de-warping and stitching technology provides a natural-looking corrected image with straight line-markings.


With this technology, cost-effective cameras can be used for complete coverage of the playing field. A pan and zoomed image is automatically created by special developed game tracking technology. With extra features such as live streaming, game replay generator, commentary, scoreboard options and automatic summaries and highlights, the IQ Sports Producer enables clubs to capture, stream and re-publish their field games easily and cost-effectively.


New: the IQ-xCam

The IQ-xCam is the new Mobile Viewpoint panoramic camera especially developed for capturing live sports events using Mobile Viewpoint’s Multicamera IQ Sports Producer. It houses up to 4 cameras and support different types of lenses, offering maximum video quality. With the superb de-warping and stitching technology of the IQ Sports Producer software it provides a natural-looking, corrected image with straight line markings offering a real sports broadcast experience. More information


Standard Features IQSP


  • Multicamera operation; Capture live full field video in 180 degrees with up to 3 cameras 
  • Automated Video Director based on Artificial Intelligence
  • Integrated camera director with smooth virtual camera operation
  • Stitching, Image correction and de-warping
  • Live streaming directly to multiple outlets, simultaneously (social media, CDN)
  • Remote management and monitoring
  • Logo and graphics
  • Ad insertion
  • Pre-rolls
  • Subtitles
  • Commentary
  • Automatic, intelligent match summary generator 




  • All-in-one low-cost solution
  • Software is based on machine learning (AI) software
  • One box operation
  • Scalable platform
  • Remotely managed with LinkMatrix


The complete platform consists of the following elements:


  • Up to 3 180-degree cameras to cover the entire playing field
  • 2U MVP PC box with IQSP Software 
  • IQSP LinkMatrix Online management dashboard





  • 1/1.8” Progressive Scan CMOS
  • 8208 × 3072 @ 30fps
  • FOV: horizontal 180°, vertical 80°
  • H.265, H.264
  • Fiber optic transmission (optional)
  • IP66
  • Choice of central camera:
    • 24MP at max 30 FPS
    • 32 MP at max 30 FPS
    • 2 times SDI 4K input at max 60 FPS featuring any SDI source which will be stitched
    • IQ-xCam; up to 4 x 4K cameras at max 60 FPS
  • Choice of additional cameras:
    • 4K IP 30 FPS
    • 4K SDI 60 FPS
    • IQ-xCam; up to 4 x 4K cameras at max 60 FPS
2U MVP PC Box with IQSP software
  • IQSP software
  • 1-4 camera inputs
  • H.265, H.264
  • 10 bonded 4G/IP connections
  • Upload >50Mbps

IQSP LinkMatrix dashboard

  • IQSP LinkMatrix dashboard is the central, cloud-based production control portal. It is an online platform from where the complete production can be managed and monitored. With extra features such as game summary, generator replay tool, graphics and commentary, it covers a field match as a professional production tool. 
  • Automated Video Director based on artificial intelligence
  • Integrated camera director
  • Live streaming management and monitoring
  • Push video live to social media
  • Audio and video monitoring tool
  • Creation of a web channel by adding advertisements, overlays, tickertape, automatic summaries and highlights

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