The VPilot automated studio product package enables broadcasters to create completely automated live news programming. Mobile Viewpoint’s patented Virtual Director software will vividly and accurately capture any interview or news production. With this state-of-the-art solution, a cameraman or director is no longer required. By mimicking a real director, Mobile Viewpoint’s VPilot solution allows presenters to do what they do best - hosting a news broadcast. 

VPilot uses a mix of static and PTZ cameras in combination with a software box, which incorporates an Autopointer and Virtual Director software. The VPilot platform utilizes AI algorithms that automatically switch and control PTZ cameras by analyzing 3D video images and audio signals in the TV studio. In the default configuration, VPilot supports 7 SDI/camera inputs and up to 30 Audio channels based on Ravenna/AES67/Dante.  


Image and voice recognition


VPilot supports the automatic insertion of name tags based on image recognition, meaning that it can tag who is speaking and who has joined a conversation automatically. Also, we added voice recognition to enable automatic display of overlays based on who is, for example, joining a news broadcast by phone. 


Cost-effective for both large and small productions


The VPilot is available in two configurations: NewsPilot and StreamPilot. NewsPilot is most suitable for use in studio environments as well as for live news coverage. This package consists of three PTZ cameras. The StreamPilot has one camera and is aimed at journalists, bloggers, radio shows and event organisers, to support live event and interview production. Both versions include the Automated Studio control box. The Automated Studio control box comes with the Virtual Director, switcher software and a graphics engine pre-installed and ready for use.



VPanel is an automated studio control box that supports the seamless and full automation of studio productions. VPanel allows the user to train the system through manual direction and makes it possible to intervene when a shot is not meeting the desired outcome of the production. It also offers full control of the rundown functionality - which can be changed on the fly by the presenter or editor - and supports switching to external feeds in the field, Skype connections and other video feeds, as well as video and graphics overlay. 


Manage & Control Your Feeds Online with LinkMatrix


All of Mobile Viewpoint’s products are packaged together with web-based, multi-destination platform LinkMatrix. LinkMatrix allows users to publish the same feed on many platforms including Social Media channels and private CDN’s. With Linkmatrix, broadcasters can control, manage, and administer all their WMT devices and connections.


Design and Switch Feeds Online with LinkMix


LinkMatrix is upgradable to include access to LinkMix, a real-time switching and playout centre. LinkMix enables content owners to create a complete web channel with live switching possible. Features such as creating playlists enable the complete production of IPTV channels. Also included is the ability to add leaders, overlays, ticker tapes, and to insert advertisements.

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