Manage and control your live feeds

The LinkMatrix is our control and management center for low-cost creation, management and monitoring of video feeds.




The LinkMatrix uses cloud-based transcoding to ensure compliance between any source and any streaming destination. The LinkMatrix is multi-destination and makes it possible to publish the same feed on many platforms including private CDN’s.


Key Elements


  • Remote control of all Mobile Viewpoint systems in the field
  • Enables a low cost complete remote production or multicamera event
  • Create a complete web channel with playlist, graphics, leaders and advertisements


Management of Video feeds


The main function of LinkMatrix is to connect video sources with TS decoders such as IRD or social media platforms such as Facebook.


Remote control


With the LinkMatrix all systems in the field can be easily controlled and monitored. They can be remotely accessed and all settings on the units can be changed. The user-friendly architecture assures that the remote-control GUI is the same as seen in the field, facilitating true remote support.

In a later version, remote control shading and color correction on connected cameras will be enabled.


Remote production management


In combination with our Multicam units, it is possible to do a true remote production of a multicamera event. In combination with our VPilot platform, it is possible to do the complete production with just a single operator on site. LinkMatrix also supports RS-422 output, enabling remote production with cameras from Sony, Panasonic and others. 




The LinkMatrix serves as the heart of all our services and products, and can also function as a video router when combined with the MVP LinkSwitch server. The LinkMatrix production tab offers features such as the creation of playlists, overlays, live switches and tickers to enable the production of complete IPTV channels. Playlists can be generated with exports from original WMT streams, as well as from other clips using the upload function, and can be either wall-clock based or interruptible. Interruptible playlists introduce leaders and pre- and post-roles for live productions targeted to platforms such as Facebook. they can also be used to insert advertisements before and during the broadcast of sports events.


For our multicamera units, LinkMatrix supports web-based PTZ control as well as shading and color correction.



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