LinkMix from Mobile Viewpoint is a real-time playout and switching solution for use with the LinkMatrix video control and management center. The app simplifies the ability to create complete IPTV channels featuring playlists, overlays, live switches and ticker tapes. These channels can then be published on platforms such as Vimeo and Facebook.


With LinkMix and LinkMatrix, playlists can be made with exports from original wireless multiplex technology (WMT) streams and other clips. Playlists can be either wall-clock based or interruptible. Interruptible playlists utilize leaders and pre- and post-rolls for publishing live video on platforms such as Facebook Live. They can also be used for adding advertisements before the broadcast of sports events. LinkMatrix becomes a playout system for social media and other web channels featuring input from RTMP and TS streams and switching to destinations featuring SRT, RTMP, ASI and TS streams.


LinkMix supports the timed playout of files. This will enable broadcasters and streamers to automatically switch between live sources and files and also feed social media with pre-recorded content on demand.  


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