TrolleyLive Remote Pro

Portable, affordable, mobile for live streaming

TrolleyLive Remote Pro is an all-in-one-production set-up for mobile and remote live broadcasts that is all self-contained in one manageable box.

With TrolleyLive Remote Pro, making a complete live production has never been easier. Ideal for remote journalists, reporters, professional vloggers, eventers and remote commentators, it allows content creators to record, edit and stream live full HD-quality video back to a broadcast center, or stream directly to social media.


The unit contains everything needed to do a complete live indoor/outdoor video production remotely complete with PTZ camera, screen and an encoder that can connect to the internet via a LAN port, Wifi and there is an upgrade option to use multiple SIM cards. The encoder utilizes H.265, the latest in video compression, and can bond together SIM cards from different providers for reliability. The box has an XLR input port for connecting any compatible microphone. A microphone can also be included as an option.


The unit is designed to be mobile and with this versatility, is designed to be used by broadcast and media organizations to ship to anywhere in the world at a moments notice to for professional and reliable live streaming. It includes everything for setting up a live stream online in minutes. And by accessing the complementary online LinkMatrix management portal,  streams can be monitored, edited and published online easily and remotely.


TrolleyLive Remote Pro is your all-in-one studio and OB van in a box!


Key features

  • All-in-one framing using a PTZ camera (can be positioned by user or remotely)
  • Live stream events, vlog, interviews from anywhere direct to social media or CDN
  • Can be instantly live streamed to a broadcaster for HD-SDI workflows
  • Fast, simple and cost-effective
  • Centrally managed using Linkmatrix, web based monitoring and publication platform
  • Overlays, tickertape, ad-insertion options
  • Packaged in a flightcase
  • IFB Option with decoder for talk back
  • Upgrade option to utilize SIM cards as well as a hardwired LAN connection & Wi-Fi
  • Upgrade option for decoder at receiver end (only if HD-SDI or return video is required)
  • Upgrade option to include microphone


LinkMatrix Management Portal

LinkMatrix Dashboard is the central, cloud-based production control portal. It is an online platform from where complete productions and live streams can be managed and monitored. LinkMatrix also allows the creation of a video stream in the cloud that can be pushed directly to social media or a CDN. It allows insertions overlays and rolling ticker tape messages. If end-to-end HD-SDI workflows are required it is possible to procure an additional playout server at the receiver end.

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