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If you wish to live-stream lectures, workshops, training sessions and seminars, you will find video streaming a powerful way to engage with your students and audience. 

Ideal for professional live streaming over 5G/4G/3G , Wi-Fi and broadband, Mobile Viewpoint’s encoder solutions can be utilized for a range of video production requirements. And with the cloud based production and distribution tools, streams can be instantly branded with logo, overlays and graphics, and pushed to any online destination.

As a manufacturer and supplier to the broadcast profession, many global broadcasters utilize Mobile Viewpoint technology for news gathering, sports production and outside broadcast. As a consequence many media students wish to create real-life broadcast scenarios as part of their course work and Mobile Viewpoint can provide educational discounts for technology utilized as part of coursework and projects, giving valuable live streaming media experience.

It is also possible to offer remote lectures and classroom lessons with a high quality, low latency live stream with a professional look by using an easy-to-use streaming package or build your own studio using vPilot, the automated studio system from IQ Video Solutions, that utilizes the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to drive a camera production. All without the need of camera personal or a production company.

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