Live Web Streaming

Live stream an event from remote cameras direct to social media

Engage with your online audience

Direct video upload from your camera to a CDN, OTT or social media platform.

Whether it is esports, corporate events, trade shows or a major product launch, create a professional live production with Mobile Viewpoint’s pioneering encodersfor live streaming.

With a background in providing professional broadcast technology to global broadcasters, Mobile Viewpoint’s range of WMT solutions allows you to live stream video whether it is the players, participants, interviewers, panel members, audience members and/or the commentary people, it has never been easier and more reliable for high quality streaming!

Whether you are a vlogger, a gaming company or a corporate organization wishing to live stream an event, offer your global online audience a reliable, high quality live stream from any fixed, remote or on the street location using a portable streaming device. With encoders supporting up to 8 modems that are utilized with SIM cards for the highest possible bandwidth and reliability, it is possible to quickly and easily live stream to social media channels or to an OTT platform in full HD or 4K, with very low latency.

With Mobile Viewpoint’s cloud-based production and distribution tools for video, it is possible to create professional content for your channel, podcast, at home production or live game and they can be instantly branded with logo’s, overlays and graphics. Supporting both H264, H.265 compression and web-streaming formats including  RTMP, RTSP, TS-MPEG and NDI, it is possible to live stream to any online destination.


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