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Live stream from your church, mosque, synagogue or other house of worship for a remote congregation to view


Live Stream from a church, synagogue or mosque service to your online congregation

Mobile Viewpoint’s state-of-the-art encoders and cloud based decoding offers a perfect live streaming solution for broadcasting religious services. It provides a reliable, high quality live stream of your religious service offering a program for your congregation to view from a remote location when they can’t make it in person.

Do you have no broadband or poor connectivity? Do not worry, Mobile Viewpoint’s encoders can connect to your cameras and can incorporate different SIM cards from different cellular carriers and bond them together as a single connection.  If there is Wi-Fi and broadband, the encoders can connect to them too and only top up what is required from the cellular mobile phone network. This ensures a high quality, low latency live stream complete with audio.

Using Mobile Viewpoint’s free LinkMatrix Management platform, it is possible to configure and connect live streams to social media or to your own OTT channel. For major religious channels, it is also possible to create HD-SDI workflows within the broadcast station.

With a background in providing pioneering broadcast technology to global broadcasters and TV production companies,  Mobile Viewpoint’s range of different encoders easily connects to cameras either via HDMI or HD-SDI and allows a highly professional broadcast of your religious services to your online congregation. 

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