Security and Law Enforcement

Emergency responders and security can securely livestream to control rooms from any location


Live stream from vehicles, drones and body worn cams

Mobile Viewpoint offers complete security solutions for real time, encrypted, low latency mobile video surveillance and temporary fixed set-ups.

Law enforcement, public safety workers and civil rescue teams can benefit from Mobile Viewpoint’s ruggedized and lightweight encoders for live streaming from remote, harsh, and extreme environments.

With a pedigree in providing broadcast technology to the police and security services, Mobile Viewpoint’s encoders allow agencies to live stream effectively from emergency vehicles, surveillance vans, drones, helicopters, boats, body worn helmet and body cams. By utilizing Mobile Viewpoint’s range of WMT mobile encoders, it is possible to send encrypted live streams back to an ONVIF compliant Video Management System (VMS) within a command and control room with very low latency.

Available in various configurations, car mount, in a backpack or from a drone, it is possible to connect a camera and live stream securely over multiple 5G/4G networks, Wifi and fixed lines, simultaneously back to a control room.

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Drone Data Sheet –  Live Streaming solutions for drones and UAV for law enforcement and traffic monitoring departments.

Security White Paper – Why Mobile Viewpoint’s encoders are a perfect fit for public safety, law enforcement and civil rescue teams. 

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