WMT Airlink for Remote Production

The WMT Airlink has all the standard features that one would expect of a modern day mobile encoder. Enhanced features for remote production includes tally light , full intercom IFB, and uniquely it has RCP connectivity. By being able to connect a remote RCP control device, a remote operator back at the broadcast center can adjust many of the camera light control settings, IRIS and shutter settings while the cameraperson on site can focus purely on the creation of their shots.

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We are Mobile Viewpoint

Mobile Viewpoint technology is in active use by many of the world’s leading broadcasters, production companies, enterprises, security and law enforcement organisations for their live streaming needs. Mobile Viewpoint’s encoder, decoder and remote management platforms makes them a world leader in remote productions for live streaming, with their advanced feature set ensuring immense reliability, high quality and ease of use.

As an manufacturer of bonded encoder technology, they were the first to introduce multicamera support on a single encoder and continue their innovative spirit with 4K video support, 5G network communication, AI and a mass of features for REMI (remote production) that includes RCP control, full IFB, HD video return and Tally management.

With a range of global resellers, 24×7 support and a sales team to help you architect the most optimum solution, Mobile Viewpoint is ideally placed to help with your live streaming, outside broadcast and remote production needs.

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BaseLink; the Mobile Viewpoint mid range encoder for live streaming The mid range WMT Baselink encoder from Mobile Viewpoint is in use by many global

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