Remote Productions

REMI multi-camera cloud productions  made easy, efficient and cost effective 


Full control of live productions from anywhere.

When it comes to REMI productions (Remote Integration Model), Mobile Viewpoint is leading the way in remote encoder technology and is ideally positioned to fulfill production companies and broadcasters with their live production needs. 

The range of REMI enabled live streaming WMT encoder products from Mobile Viewpoint allows the remote control of live productions, either from a studio or even from home. In combination with the web based live management platform LinkMatrix, REMI features include RCP control, Tally light, PreSonus audio for full intercom, and multi-camera support within a single encoder. All WMT encoders can be remotely controlled without sending people, or an OB truck, to site.

RCP Control includes remote control of camera features such as:

  • Tally by internal LED and external output for tally light
  • Iris control
  • Shutter
  • Master gain
  • White level correction (blue and red control)
  • Black level correction (blue and red control)
  • Master black level
  • Bars
  • On camera tally goes with the red external tally

LinkMatrix is a free browser-based hosted service that comes with the encoder products providing a feature rich set of functions including operation, management, viewing, controlling and configuration of both remote encoders and decoders. It also offers a cloud-based subscription service for decoding for IP cloud workflows, CDNs, OTT and social media.

Mobile Viewpoint WMT encoders are the most pioneering available today with both H.265 and H.264 as standard and all workflows are easily controlled by a remote team. WMT units support IFB, video return, 4K, 5G, ethernet hot spots and can support both IP and HD-SDI workflows. It is also possible to use the bi-directional ethernet connectivity at the same time as live streaming, allowing users to use third party applications such as IFB or camera control apps.

Sports can use multiple cameras on a single encoder, for example multi-camera set-up on the pitch side, to send multiple streams back to a remote broadcast center, thus saving money and resource. 



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