Oil and Gas Industry

Remote, secure and portable live video monitoring of production sites, oilrigs and pipelines

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Video Surveillance

Your virtual eye in Business Critical environments.

It is essential in today’s oil and gas industry to mitigate against any security risk and operational problem that can have a catastrophic impact on energy supply. The Mobile Viewpoint product fleet for video surveillance,  the “virtual eye” of a company, is using IP streaming technology to provide connectivity over cellular, wifi or satellite  to enable high quality, low latency streaming from cameras that are placed across critical points in high-risk production environments.

To ensure and guarantee reliability, live surveillance systems have to provide stability, quality of service, and full time operations. Mobile Viewpoint surveillance packages offer everything expected for portable critical surveillance as well as flexibility, remote access for control, low latency, and low maintenance costs.

With a pedigree in providing broadcast technology to the police and security services, Mobile Viewpoint’s encoders allow oil and gas companies in the petrochemical industry to live stream effectively from pipelines, refineries, distribution centers and storage areas as well as from vehicles, drones, helicopters, boats, body worn helmet and body cams. By utilizing Mobile Viewpoint’s range of WMT mobile encoders, it is possible to send encrypted live streams back to an ONVIF compliant Video Management System (VMS) within a control room with very low latency, to anywhere in the world.

Mobile Viewpoint WMT encoders are easy to operate and can be managed either directly or remotely via Linkmatrix, a hosted management platfrom.


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