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Live Streaming Solutions for News Gathering Teams, Broadcasters and Sport Production Companies

Portable & rugged H.264/H.265 encoder technology over bonded 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi and LAN in 4K, Full HD and SD with low latency. 

Mobile Viewpoint’s portable WMT encoders are in daily use by global broadcasters for their news gathering teams, journalists and sport production people to easily live stream with a lightweight, ruggedized mobile backpack, or with portable fixed encoders installed within SNG or OB trucks.

This allows professional high-quality live streams, complete with multiple audio channels, to be sent via multiple bonded 4G and 5G connections back to a broadcast center for use in a live news segment, or to stream an array of live sports. By allowing news teams to react quickly to breaking news stories or sports teams to provide cost effective TV production, all encoders in the field can be controlled remotely via the LinkMatrix management platform, meaning journalist,  presenters and camera operators can have their H.265 encoders easily controlled by a remote team. WMT units are the most advanced encoders available today and can support IFB, video return, 4K, 5G, ethernet hot spots and can support IP and HD-SDI workflows. It is possible to use a bi-directional ethernet connectivity at the same time as live streaming allowing users to use third party applications such as IFB or camera control apps.

Sport producers can use multiple cameras on a single encoder, for example multi-camera set-up on the pitch side, to send multiple streams back to a remote broadcast center, thus saving money and resource. Encoders can also support full REMI functionality.


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