How Utilitys relies on Mobile Viewpoint platform for live sport event transmission

Utilitys is a Dutch company, and facilitates telvision and media productions. With an extensive arsenal of equipment and facilities, along with a young professional team, Utilitys facilitates both national and international content creation services. Utilitys was founded in 2019 as an offshoot of the self-facilitating media platform Podium.TV and brings its experience as a full-service media company with it.

As from 2015 Utilitys was investigating how to capture a cycle tour, the Energiewacht Tour, live from motorcycles and a helicopter by using bonding cellular connectivity.  After extensive testing with equipment of various vendors, expecting low latency transmission, a reliable , high quality live stream and and easy to use system the choice for Mobile Viewpoint was easily made. Mobile Viewpoints encoders were the most stable  and with the webportal LinkMatrix, easy to monitor and use.

From then on the Mobile Viewpoint encoders were used by all kinds of sporting events, with the WMT transmitters on our motorcycles and helicopter sending the images to our production vehicles. This was a cost-effective alternative to high-frequency transmitters, making the recording of sports events accessible to a wider audience.

Example of an Utilitys project :

– Gerben Vissers, Technical Director Utilitys-

“At the moment almost all remote connections run via the WMT transmitters. Naturally, our motorcycles  are equipped with a WMT as standard and we also place these in helicopters for the larger registrations. It differs per assignment whether we use our production vehicle or whether we allow the connections to enter our final direction. For example, we have registered cycling races with five cameras on location and the direction is entirely in our final direction in Heerenveen.

We now also use the LiveLinks with double input to register a Q&A session with two cameras from any location in the Netherlands. In this way we save both time and costs for the crew on location, because with the playout decoders in the final direction, the program in Heerenveen can be switched and provided with design.

“It is nice to work with the sales and support department of Mobile Viewpoint, not only because they are based in the Netherlands, but also that they are open to exploring and researching new technologies and workflows together.”