IQ-Video Solutions (a brand of Mobile Viewpoint) proudly announces new AI IQ-SP Solution

Affordable live streaming for clubs and leagues

IQ-Club is a new budget version of the IQ Sports Producer platforms that offers an entry level and easy entry into the world of sports AI. It enables both cost effective live streaming of sports without need of a camera team, and also for clubs wishing to do analysis for trainers with automated live video capture.

With an affordable monthly subscription or pay per match model, the IQSP-Club package, is now more accessible at an affordable price for grass root clubs and leagues.

Key features of the IQ-Club package are: 

  • Offering a semi-zoomed tactical view of the action from a high resolution 4x 4K panoramic camera
  • Automated camera movement based on AI following the action or people
  • Records everything – additional streams can be recreated from different parts of the pitch for analysis
  • Live streaming to a range of different online and social media platforms
  • Easy set up 
  • Additional feature to integrate with third party analytical packages

Join our free to attend webinars on 26th of May 2021 where we will explain how smaller clubs can benefit from the unique proposition of IQ-Club. Register here