Mobile Viewpoint streamlines their best of class mobile encoders into UltraLink 

Mobile Viewpoint are pleased to announce the combination of their two enterprise encoders under one name: the UltraLink .

The original WMT Airlink model will be become the UltraLink-Air, and the original UltraLink will become the UltraLink- 4K.

Both units will offer all the functionality required of a modern day backpack bonded encoder including 4K, 5G, RCP, video return, IP hotspot,  multi-channel inputs as well as  hybrid connectivity options (IP, cellular and satellite) as well as supporting up and coming LEO connections such as Starlink.

Mobile Viewpoint with UltraLink will offer the most feature rich and reliable encoders available for media and security streaming applications. 

The entire new UltraLink  product line comes with: 

•           Internal modems including options for 5G

•           Adaptive bitrate control 

•           8 audio channels 

•           IP hotspot functionality 

•           H.264/H.265

•           RCP/Tally control

•           Full HD Return Video by SDI

•           Feature rich remote management platform that is free for life

•           Cloud debonding and remote web based management

•           Compatible with Starlink satellite platform 

•           10 connections including 8 mobile cellular connections, Wifi  & LAN

The UltraLink product line consists of: 

  • UltraLink-Air – Multicamera, 1,2 or 4 camera inputs 
  • UltraLink- 4K – 4x 3G and/or 1x 12G 4K inputs

With this new branding, Mobile Viewpoint will future proof all encoder investments with rich technical features to meet evolving operational demands for applications such as live streaming, remote (sport) production, news gathering and encrypted applications for surveillance.

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