1U Playout


WMT Debonder and Playout Server - Standard

1U server for HD-SDI, 4K-SDI and/or IP output at receiver end

The WMT family of portable receivers are Mobile Viewpoint’s decoding and playout servers that are typically located at the receiving location. As a vital part of the Mobile Viewpoint broadcast and live streaming workflow, receivers enable the debonding, decoding and playout of simultaneous live SD, HD and 4K video streams generated by Mobile Viewpoint’s WMT encoder fleet.  

For standard playout, Mobile Viewpoint provides a 1U server with up to 4x HD-SDI outputs. For a REMI version there is a  2U server to include RCP, Tally control and PreSonus for enhanced IFB audio return. There is also the option for a receiver to be configured with internal modems so receivers can be installed in a remote location with no LAN connectivity, such as an OB truck. 

It is also possible to use 3rd party encoders from other manufacturers by utilzing a “Universal Playout” feature in LinkMatrix, the Mobile Viewpoint hosted management platform.

Enhanced additional features

  • Standard – 1, 2 or 4 livestreams output options (HD-SDI)
  • 1x 4K stream output available (12G – 4K-SDI) on certain models
  • SDI Playout: 3G and 12G
  • IP Playout:  NDI, RTMP, RTSP,  MPEG-TS, SRT 
  • 1U Server –  standard debond, decode and playout (includes IFB)
  • Remote Managed – Fully manageable by LinkMatrix

1U Standard Receiver for up to 4x SDI Outputs & IP Outputs


4K Option

Internal Modem Option (5G/4G/3G)

Fully remotely managed via LinkMatrix

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Available Models (both 1U Standard and 2U Enhanced)

ModelStandard Decoder

(19” rackmount 1U)

(19” rackmount  2U)

For internal modem playout, requires additional receiver in workflow path
2K2C1080i/p /SD

Output: 2x SDI & IP
n/aModems: 6 internal
2K4C1080i/p /SD

Output: 4x SDI & IP
+ REMI option:

RCP & Tally & PreSonus
Modems: 6 internal

4K1C4K & Full HD / SD

Output: 1x 12G SDI & IP

(Upgradeable to 4K4C)
+ REMI option:

RCP & Tally & PreSonus
Modems: 6 internal
4K4C4K & Full HD /SD

Output: 1x 12G or 4x 3G HD-SDI + IP
+ REMI option:

RCP & Tally & PreSonus
Modems: 6 internal

IP Output Only

20 WMT clients

Transcoder Option Available