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Dear Customer,

To return equipment for repair, you need an RMA number issued by Mobileviewpoint.
RMA numbers can be obtained by creating a Service Request. Once authorized, you will receive an RMA key which can be used to obtain the RMA number. Press the Start button if you already have one.

If you do not have an RMA key yet, please create a Service Request here.

Creating a Service Request requires an account, you can request one by sending an email to jira-account-req@mobileviewpoint.com

Please do not send any items without RMA number. Items without RMA number cannot be processed by our workshop.

Click this link if you want to know more about the RMA-process.
Please fill in your RMA-key:
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In case you want to know the estimated repair costs before we repair your unit, enable the checkbox
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You need to read to the bottom of these terms and conditions before you can continue.

RMA Terms and Conditions

Mobileviewpoint’s general terms and conditions regarding sale and delivery apply.

The following conditions also apply:

I. Repair services require an RMA number:

To send in your products for repair, you must have a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number issued by Mobileviewpoint.
Please note our inspection flat rates:

  • For the inspection/analysis of a submitted product, we will charge a single flat rate of 250 euro (ex VAT and ex shipping).

  • If you decide to have a defective device fixed, you will only be charged for repairs. The cost of inspection is then waived. The flat fee for inspection is also waived with new replacement purchases.

  • For justified complaints (= within the warranty period and error was caused by the manufacturer), a flat fee for inspection will not be charged.

II. When a claim can be made

Before returning a product, please consult the Mobileviewpoint Support Team.

  • In the event of third-party intervention, warranty seals that have been damaged/ removed, or improper handling, a warranty can in general not be honored.

  • If no price estimation has been selected, we will repair your device without consulting you about the price.

  • When repair costs are being requested before repairing, additional repair time may be added.

III. RMA shipping

  • Please return the device without any SIM cards unless the Mobileviewpoint Support Team specifically asked you to do so.

  • Along with the return shipment, please enclose the RMA return confirmation received from us. Please note the RMA number clearly on the outside of the return shipment address label.

  • Products sent to us without a corresponding RMA number will delay the repair process significantly!

Please note: Mobileviewpoint does not assume freight costs for any returns unless the device is under warranty.