TerraLink 2U REMI Encoder

Mobile encoders

WMT TerraLink REMI Encoder (2U)

Rackmount encoders for OB and Remote Production for Live Streaming, upgradable with bonded modems

The WMT Terralink encoder family is Mobile Viewpoint’s portable servers that are typically used for professional outside broadcast and other point-to-point live streaming needs. The 19” rack mountable units can be used in SNG trucks, outside broadcast vans or studio set-up’s to send live video streams reliably, in high quality and with low latency. The enhanced REMI encoder provides additional remote production features.

The enhanced  2U Terralink xKxC (where K is the video format and C is number of video input channels) is a multi-camera encoder that can support up to 4 inputs and up to 4K video formats.

The standard 1U Terralink encoder can support video return, IFB and the option of bonded internal modems (5G/4G/3G) within the 1U form factor.

The enhanced 2U server additionally supports REMI (remote production) features  including RCP control, Tally Light control and an enhanced IFB intercom utilizing integrated PreSonus hardware within the encoder.

All encoders can operate with the WMT range of decoders that are installed at the receiving end. The 2U enhanced encoder requires the 2U equivalent decoder to take advantage of the REMI features.

All encoders in the field can be remotely managed and controlled via Linkmatrix, a free-to-use management platform that operates from a browser on any device. This means non-technical journalists and production people in the field do not need to manage the units directly.  Linkmatrix can manage individual encoders, destinations, show proxies,  record & go, video return, transmission and cellular network status, and set-ip an array of different configurations.

More information about the LinkMatrix management portal

2WAYLINK – this is an optional features to effectively allow the encoder to become both an encoder and decoder.  A license can be added at any time to enable this feature on the 2C or 4C.

Standard video return is 720p via HDMI, but with 2WAYLINK it is possible to receive a full HD stream via HD-SDI. It can be used for high quality viewing or where local mixing is needed.

For 2WAYLINK to work, any return video needs a decoder in the network path.


H.265/H.264 Encoder

Enhanced 1, 2 or 4 livestreams input options (3G and 12G SDI) with REMI

Ethernet, WiFi and/or Satellite connections and upgradable with bonded modems (5G/4G/3G)

Remote (web-based) management

Standard 720p video return & IFB

Internet hotspot (LAN and WiFi), Store & Forward concurrently with video live stream

Point-to-point transmission or cloud decoding

Adaptive encoding & full error correction

2WAYLink optional feature for full HD video return

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WMT Terralink Models:

Standard Encoder

(19” rackmount 1U)

(19” rackmount 2U)
Terralink Mini
1x HD-SDI input

(stand alone not 19” rack)
n/aModems: 2
TerraLink-2K1C 1x HD/SD-SDI input n/aModems: 8
Terralink-2K1C-2WAYLINK1x HD/SD-SDI input

1x HD/SD-SDI output
n/aModems: 8
TerraLink-4K1C1x 4K (HD & SD) inputn/aModems: 8
TerraLink-2K2C2x HD/SD-SDI inputs+ REMI option:

RCP & Tally & PreSonus
Modems: 8
Terralink-2K2C-2WAYLINK2x HD/SD-SDI inputs

2xHD/SD-SDI outputs
+ REMI option:

RCP & Tally & PreSonus
Modems: 8
TerraLink-2K4C:4x HD/SD-SDI inputs+ REMI option:

RCP & Tally & PreSonus
Modems: 8
TerraLink-4K4C4x HD/SD-SDI inputs


1x 4K 12G inputs
+ REMI option:

RCP & Tally & PreSonus
Modems: 8
HLE Encoder1x SDI or IP Input

(HLS1.1 HTTP Encoder)