TrolleyLive All-In-One

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TrolleyLive Pro – Professional Broadcast ALL-IN-ONE Camera and Live Streaming

All-in-one-production unit for remote live broadcasts, self-contained in one manageable portable box.

Where webcams are not giving the professional quality required for many broadcast and TV interview scenarios, and shipping broadcast cameras and encoders to a remote location is proving complicated, TrolleyLive Remote Pro is the ideal alternative. It allows remote presenters and journalists to produce a professional live stream with broadcast quality, reliably and without any technical knowledge.

Designed for broadcasters and production companies requiring full HD-SDI workflows and/or IP workflows, making a complete live production has never been easier. TrolleyLive Pro is ideal for remote journalists, reporters, presenters, professional vloggers, events producers and remote commentators.TrolleyLive contains everything required to complete a live indoor or outdoor video production. No technical experience is required of the user. The unit can be managed and operated remotely with the presenter simply folding out the camera and powering up the unit.

TrolleyLive consists of a PTZ camera that can be remotely operated, a screen for autocue or video return,  and an H.265 encoder that can connect to the internet via a LAN port, Wi-Fi and/or up to 4 SIM cards that can be from different cellular operators. All 6 network connections are capable of being bonded as a single connection for high reliability and increased bandwidth to enable broadcast quality video streaming. The box has an XLR input port for connecting any standard XLR microphone.

The unit is designed to be mobile and with this versatility, is designed to be used by broadcast and media organizations who need to ship anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice. It includes everything for setting up a live stream online in minutes. The live production can be remotely managed via Linkmatrix, the Mobile Viewpoint online management platform.

LinkMatrix - Remote Management Platform

A central part of the Broadcast and Streaming workflow is Linkmatrix, a free-to-use management platform that operates from a browser on any device. This means non-technical journalists and production people in the field do not need to manage the units directly. Linkmatrix can manage individual encoders, destinations, allows proxies to be viewed, enables record & go, implements video return, shows networks and allows other set ups and configurations.

More information about the LinkMatrix management portal


Professional broadcasting from a remote location

Ideal for home, office or on-location

Camera/screen folds out/in for easy transportation & set-up

Remote (web-based) management

Use LAN, Wi-Fi and/or Cellular Network for connectivity

Includes PTZ camera, screen and encoder

Remote PTZ Control & Remote IFB interface for talk back

Screen for autocue or return video

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Different models

TrolleyLive Remote Pro - All in one box with SIM cards, screen, remoteley managed PTZ camera, return video and encoder. Only need to connect a microphone and switch on.

TrolleyLive Rack Version: 19" rack encoder with own supplied PTZ camera and own monitor for return video. Fully remote managed.


Ruggedized casing

Encoding Available; H.264 and H.265 HEVC

No. of Sim Cards (3G/4G): 4 (5G compatible)

HD and SD video format; 1080i/p

Weighs approximately 8.5 kg

Height: 35 cm x Width: 23.5 cm x Length: 27.5 cm