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WMT Agile UltraLink 4K Enterprise Encoder

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The Agile UltraLink 4K is the first bonded backpack transmitter that provides real 4K. It is capable of delivering true 50/60 frames-per-second 4K and Ultra HD video quality from the field using 4G bonding technology.

Besides its 4K abilities, the UltraLink boosts 4x 3G and  1x 12G inputs for added performance and flexibility, as well as supporting both H.265 and H.264 encoding, which ensures total end-to-end compliance using standard-based decoders or IRDs.

Best of class video

Smaller than a shoebox, the compactness of the UltraLink makes it easier than ever before for broadcasters to deliver best-in-class video quality from any location with minimal equipment. The 10 bonded connections including WiFi and Ethernet deliver the enormous upload speeds that are necessary for 4K streaming and data Internet access or file uploading at the same time.

Hotspot and databonding 

Like most WMT systems, a hotspot is also available for Internet access. The hotspot uses the bonded bandwidth of all modems together providing enormous upload speeds. The device also supports full data bonding across all connections and is available via the WiFi hotspot or the Ethernet connection. Both the hotspot and data bonding functionality work in parallel with the transmission of video, however, video is always prioritized so there are no interruptions due to unexpected data transmissions.

Store & Forward 

The UltraLink utilizes its bundling technology to become a high-volume data Store & forward unit. This means that the WMT uses its entire available upload bandwidth to transport any kind of file through its connections to an FTP server. IFB or return audio is also available at less than a second delay. 

The UltraLink also supports transmission via Ka-sat and has a default storage capacity of 120 GB which can be upgraded until 1 TB.

All encoders in the field can be remotely managed and controlled via Linkmatrix, a free-to-use management platform that operates from a browser on any device. This means non-technical journalists and production people in the field do not need to manage the units directly. Linkmatrix can manage individual encoders, destinations, show proxies,  record & go, video return, transmission and cellular networks and other set ups and configurations.

More information about the LinkMatrix management portal



Enhanced additional features

  • Linux OS
  • Best of class video
  • 10 bonded connections 8 x built-in 3G/4G modems, WiFi and Ethernet
  • Big upload speeds for 4K streaming, data access or file upload
  • Live video and data transfer simultaneously
  • Compact sized with big touch screen 
  • High volume store & forward
  • Video return
  • Default storage capacity of 120 GB which can be upgraded until one TB
  • Control, manage and administer all devices and connections with the LinkMatrix webportal
  • Ability to stream and record
  • Encrypted transmission
  • Ability to connect to Mobile Viewpoint LinkSwitch

Mobile H.265/H.264 Rugged Encoder

Support for 4K, 5G and multi camera input

8 internal modems (3G/4G/5G), Ethernet, WiFi and/or Satellite

Remote (web-based) management

HD-SDI (3G and 12G) and HDMI inputs

Internet hotspot (LAN and WiFi), Store & Forward concurrently with video live stream

Video Return, Loopthrough and full IFB features

REMI Control (Full Intercom, RCP and Tully)

Point-to-point transmission or cloud decoding

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Different models

AirLink-1C: 1x HD-SDI, 1x HDMI

AirLink-2C: 2x HD-SDI, 2x HDMI

AirLink-4C: 4x HD-SDI

UltraLink-4K: 1x UHD-SDI

AirLink-4CK: 4x HD-SDI, 1x UHD-SDI

UltraLink-5G: 4x HD-SDI, 1x UHD-SDI


Custom-made backpack

Industry standard battery plate

Dome Antenna (Omnidirectional Array3 dBi)

Dedicated appliance 12-24 Volt

Weighs approximately 1.2 kg

20,5 cm x 12,5 cm x 5 cm (W x B x H)

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