Webinar 24 March 2022: Live Newsgathering From Challenging and Harsh Environments

Join our live webinar on 24 March 2022!

In these rapidly evolving times of crisis, having the ability to go live where the action is and share the latest developments over ground or satellite communications— even in the harshest environments — is key.
Using Vislink and Mobile Viewpoint solutions that embrace all-IP, bonded cellular technology you can deliver live news productions with reliable, low-delay video at the highest quality.

Our solutions include:

– Transmission over the ground and air using bonded mobile connections with Starlink compatibility
– Internet hotspot using bonded bandwidth of all available IP connections together for personal connectivity and upload from the field
– All-in-one, studio-in-a-box solutions, from camera to transmitter, enabling rapid-setup remote production from and to anywhere
– iPhone video reporting app Rack-mount encoders
– Backpack bonded cellular units

Benefits include:

– Go live where there is mobile connectivity
– Leverage global LEO satellite networks
– Stream direct to social media or CDN

Join our webinar in which we will dive deeper into these technologies.

Date: 24 March 2022
Time: 16:00 PM ( CET)

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Hope you can join us!